Lightning Macros – Enhanced Zendesk Macros

Increase productivity, reduce errors, and personalize responses to your customers by adding custom input fields to your macros. Add text fields, integers, decimals, dropdown lists, and more!

When an agent applies a Lightning Macro to a ticket, they’re automatically prompted with a form that enables them to quickly customize only the parts of the macro you specify.

By using the tab key, they can quickly complete the form without ever using their mouse. Add validation logic to your fields to eliminate errors!

For a detailed walkthrough, watch our demo!

For example, you’ve created a macro to quickly respond to your customers that have received their order later than promised. Most of the text in your macro is standardized but you need to customize their name, the discount you’re providing them and the refund amount they should expect on their credit card statement.


We’re so sorry you received your Acme Sprocket later than we promised.
 To make this right, we’re going to give you a 
[INSERT DISCOUNT AMOUNT HERE]% discount. You should see a refund on 
your bank statement for [INSERT REFUND AMOUNT HERE] in 3-5 business 

I also want to offer you the following promo code: 
on your next order with us!



While this works, it is less than ideal for two primary reasons:

Speed. To add customized text, the agent must drag their mouse over the parts they would like to change.  In just this simple example, the agent must move their mouse, drag over text text, and then type up to 6 times. This is extremely time consuming.

Accuracy. The customized text isn’t validated, so it’s too easy for your agents to accidentally add something like “we’re going to give you a 1000% discount.” Using macros this way is error-prone!

Wouldn’t it be great if your agents could easily add customized text without ever moving their mouse at all? And wouldn’t it be super sweet if macros validated custom text, preventing confusing and embarrassing typos? We agree—that’s why we created Lightning Macros.

With just a few tweaks to your existing macros, whenever an agent applies a macro, they’re immediately prompted with a validated entry form that they can complete quickly by pressing the tab key.

Choose from many different types of fields!

  • Textbox: A short line of text.
    Examples: name, apartment number, product name, etc.
  • Memo: Multiple lines of text.
    Examples: address, product description, personalized message, etc.
  • Integer: An integer. Define minimum and maximum values.
    Examples: quantity, age, discount amount, SKU number, etc.
  • Decimal: A decimal. Define minimum and maximum values.
    Examples: dollar amount, precise discount amount, etc.
  • Dropdown List: A pre-defined list of options.
    Examples: color, subscription type, membership level, category, etc.
  • Optional Text: An optional block of text.
    Examples: return instructions, terms of service, etc.